Personal GOLD



Objective  A medal winning artificial intelligence (AI) health and fitness app providing users with breakthrough fitness and health advice. 

Performance Elements  Sleep (including naps), Meals (including snacks), all most popular training/workouts. 

Platform(s)  iOS, Apple Watch OS, Android (future).

Category  Fitness App, Health App. 

Subcategory  Nutrition App, Workout App, Sleep App.

Sleep Advice


Preparation  Provides key advice for maximum quality sleep and circadian rythyms.

Bedtime  Bedtime alerts, configurable. 

Duration  Recommends optimal sleep duration.

Circadian Rhythm  Strengthens circadian rhythm. 

Quality  Improves quality of deep sleep, REM sleep. 

Smart Alarm


Wake Alarm  This description is coming soon.

Biorythym  This description is coming soon. 

Preset  This description is coming soon.

Specs  This description is coming soon. 

Training and Nutrition Advice


Meal count  Calculates number of meals per day.

Timing  Maintains optimal timing of meals 

Composition  Recommends optimal macronutrient composition of meals.

Adaptivity  Modifies and recalculates meals based on day changes. 

Contextual  Adapts the timing and composition based upon requirements.



Supported devices 

iPhone: iPhone 6, 6+, 6s, 6s+. iPhone 7, 7+, 7s, 7s+, iPhone 8, 8+. iPhone X. iPad Retina.

Apple Watch: Apple Watch versions 2,3 including Nike+

Current version  MVP Dev Rev 0.5 (434) Apple Test Flight.

Previous versions  MVP Dev Rev 0.1-0.5 (432) Apple Test Flight.