How can Personal GOLD help me?

Personal GOLD guides you through key daily decisions in meals, training, and sleep that significantly impact your hormones, recovery, and performance, just like our Olympic medalists would, but tailored to you.

GOLD helped win Olympic Medals?

Personal GOLD was created to help athletes win medals at the London Olympics amidst the Lance Armstrong drug scandal. Over 20 experts were assembled in fields ranging from digital medicine to big data and artifiical intelligence.  

GOLD was created by Olympic Athletes?

Personal GOLD was originally created by Olympic athlete Sky Christopherson to break a world record, and would later become the basis for the first Personal Gold app use case, which expanded the team to include other Olympic athletes.   

There's a film about Personal GOLD?

The feature film Personal Gold tells the inspirational story about Personal GOLD's origins, broadcast worldwide during the 2016 Rio Olympics. Portions can also be seen in the James Cameron film Game Changers premiering at Sundance 2018. 

Is GOLD compatible with my tracker?

Personal GOLD will utilize Apple® HealthKit™ for future compatibility with most popular fitness tracking devices.

How can I start using Personal GOLD?

Personal GOLD will be available first on iOS in the Apple® App store for iOS and Apple Watch prior to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. For early access, join our early adopter program below.